by Rosie Moffat | 8th May, 2018 | Sustainability
EVPS participated in the Change2Walking program from the 7th of May to the 15th of June. The program was delivered by Victorian Walks in partnership with Vic Health. Along with health benefits, walking to school, riding or scooting has benefits for the whole community. It reduces traffic congestion, saves on parking helps us connect with family and friends and even saves on the environment!
Our students were enthusiastic about this program as we noticed an increase in the number of students walking. At the end of the 6 program our students walked, rode, scooted a staggering 13,006 steps. An amazing effort!
At the end of the program the students were encouraged to write a story, draw a picture or compile a video about their Change2Walking experience. Congratulations to the following students.
Story Competition Winners Winner of a $50 QBD Book Voucher.
• Annie 1SN
• Chammoth 3KK
Highly Commended – Keep Cup.
• Chloe 1SZ
• Maryl 1HT
• Lily 3LB
• Moksh 3LB
• Tarv 3LB
• Hasini 4JD
Thank you to all students and their families who participated in the 6 week project to encourage students to walk to school more often. Now that families have discovered the joy of walking, we hope you will continue to walk to EVPS and explore your local neighborhood.