Learning Story by Nishta 6MB

What is Biodiversity-?

Biodiversity is the life that is living on earth for example

  • Plants
  • Animals
  • Earth
  • Biomes/Habitats
  • Trees

What I know about Biodiversity-

The crops that take precedence are selected for yield rather than nutrition or diversity, meaning that many beneficial crops are underutilized, this is a part of biodiversity.

I know that planting more trees and plants gives animals a place to live- biome, and us humans get oxygen to breathe in, so we don’t die and live.

The amazon forest has burnt down and know we have less oxygen and trees which is critical for our health, this is why biodiversity helps living animals, and people for us to live.

That gardening beds is a part of biodiversity.

Scraps of our fruit goes to compost, and help the soil, and make our garden strong, and healthy, which gives the soil nutrition’s.

What does our School do to promote Biodiversity-?

Our school Epping Views Primary School helps espouse biodiversity by having chicken which produce eggs, garden beds with several plants.